Berlin-Minnesota Teacher Academy (BMNTA)



Following its very successful “Minnesota goes to Berlin Program” (2007-2011), the Berlin-Minnesota Teacher Academy  (BMNTA) was launched in 2012. The program brings nine Berlin Elementary School teachers of English to Minnesota to live with an American family and encounter the American educational system while visiting Minnesota elementary and/or high schools and immersing themselves in US culture. In return, the nine Minnesotan host teachers are invited to join Checkpoint Charlie Foundation’s traditional Educational Enrichment Program in Berlin the following summer.

Berlin Educators Visit Minnesota: Each year during Berlin schools’ fall break in October, a delegation of Berlin public school educators travels to Minnesota to visit Minnesotan schools and interact with American educators. In the following summer, a Minnesota public school delegation visits Berlin, Germany.

Elementary classroom

Berlin teachers visit local schools

BMNTA Program Overview & Expectations:

• The primary purpose of the BMNTA is professional dialogue and growth between elementary school educators from Minnesota and Berlin, Germany.

• During the visit of the Berlin educators, Minnesota educators and administrators provide accommodation, arrange school visits, and provide transportation to sightseeing and social events for a member of the Berlin delegation.

Minnehaha FallsMinneapolis2

Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis

• In addition to visiting schools, the Berlin educators will be offered various sightseeing and social events/workshops/lectures and field trips. These events will be arranged by the Minnesota coordinator, who will provide the Minnesota hosts with schedule details in advance.

• Interested Minnesota educators can apply for participation in the program. The selection of the Minnesota delegation is based on application materials, answers to questions; consideration of positions, grade levels, subject areas etc; and a supervisor recommendation. Selection to participate also depends on finding an appropriate Berlin educator match and the housing accommodations that can be made by the host.

The Minnesota Group Visits Berlin: The Educational Enrichment Program (EEP)

The summer following the visit of the Berlin delegation, usually in June, the Minnesotans who hosted the Berliners travel to Berlin to visit a broad variety of Berlin schools and interact with educators as part of the Educational Enrichment Program (EEP).