Experience America

EEP 2011 WH 001

Groups that stay in Delaware also visit Washington DC.

Experience America is a two-week-study tour for Berlin high school teachers to Delaware or Boston. Participants are scheduled to visit a number of local schools, public and private, as well as other cultural and historical institutions, such as museums, the state capitol and the Department of Education. Workshops focusing on topics that are relevant for German curriculum planning are also offered. Educational visits to cities like Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and New York City are also possible. All participants stay with US host families, giving them the opportunity to learn about daily life in the US first hand.

Experience America program has been offered annually since 1999 and has since expanded beyond Berlin into other German states. Pre-departure meetings and feedback sessions after the visit are organized by the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation and its partner, the Verein zur Förderung deutsch-amerikanischer Begegnungsprogramme e. V.


Visits to US schools and discussions with American colleagues are an important element of the program.