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Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint Charlie StiftungSonntag, Mai 28th, 2017 at 6:57pm
Monday is Memorial Day in the United States. This year, by coincidence, it is also the 100th birthday of President John F. Kennedy. As anyone who has recently been to Berlin can attest, President Kennedy remains as present in the public imagination as ever, more than 50 years after his historic speech. For many Berliners, and Germans, Kennedy personified everything they admire about the United States: Youth, strength, endurance in the face of adversity, and charisma. Several activities and events are planned in Berlin to mark JFK’s 100th birthday.

The Checkpoint Charlie Foundation’s most direct connection to President Kennedy is through the first chairman of its executive board, and later chairman of its supervisory board, Klaus Franke. Franke was head of protocol under West Berlin Mayor Willi Brandt during Kennedy’s visit to Berlin and in this capacity helped organize the visit, including the famous speech. In the photo below, he can be seen standing just to Kennedy’s left (with dark hair and glasses). If you speak German, you can watch several brief interviews with Franke in which he recall’s organizing Kennedy’s visit on YouTube (see links below).

While Americans will remember those who have lost their lives in the service of their country on Monday, many Berliners will also be reflecting – on an American President who meant so much to this city.

Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint  Charlie Stiftung
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint Charlie StiftungMittwoch, März 15th, 2017 at 9:25am
Last year, the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation supported The BronxBerlinConnection a project by the social work organization Gangway e.V. The BerlinBronxConnection brings disadvantaged and endangered youth from the Bronx and Berlin together, using a shared interest in hip hop to help broaden their horizons, realize their own potential, and get them back on track pursuing their education and finding a place in society.

Gangway e.V. has released a video about this visit that we are very pleased to share with you.

Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint  Charlie Stiftung
The BronxBerlinConnection 2016
Seit dem Jahr 2008 führt Gangway e.V. – Straßensozialarbeit in Berlin, einen transatlantischen Jugendaustausch durch, die BronxBerlinConnection. Die ursprüng...
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint  Charlie Stiftung
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint Charlie StiftungMittwoch, März 8th, 2017 at 11:09am
In January, the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation funded the visit to Berlin of two very unusual photographers: Bruce Hall (from Orange County, CA) and Sonia Soberats (from New York) are both blind. During their visit,which was organized by Laboratorium e.V., the two extraordinary photographers attended the opening of an exhibition of their work, spoke before an interested public of admirers, aspiring photographers and media representatives, and offered photography workshops.

You can watch a trailer for a film about them here. https://player.vimeo.com/video/165739769?wmode=opaque

Ms. Soberats also has a flickr page, where you can see some of her extraordinary work:

Learn more about Bruce Hall here:

An interview (in German) by RBB Radio about a film about them is available here:
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint  Charlie Stiftung
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