Educational Enrichment Program (EEP)

0000-00-00 00.00.00-59General Information

The Educational Enrichment Program (EEP) is a specific program that offers exceptional insights into the German educational system. Participants will be taken to various school types, workshops and seminars, and will also take part in evening receptions with Berlin politicians and enjoy other social gatherings. The government of Berlin pays for participant’s instruction, food, lodging and transportation in Berlin. School districts or participants are responsible for their transportation to Germany.

0000-00-00 00.00.00-52For each German teacher the district employs, one teacher or administrator may be selected for this program in Germany. Participants gain an in-depth knowledge of the German educational system and vocational training. The participants in the EEP, who must be US citizens by birth, may serve as “buddy teachers” for the new German teachers arriving in the districts in July and August of the same year. Dual citizens are not eligible to participate in EEP.

Since 1987 EEP was able to provide training almost 800 American teachers, administrators and education policy-makers from 15 different US states. Over the program’s lifetime, participants have come from more than 100 American school districts.

EEP Participants’ Comments

“It is essential for us to become partners in education, if we are going to be able to compete in the future world markets successfully.  The EEP fully serves this purpose.”

DSC_1772“The EEP was most helpful in broadening my global perspective.”

“Coming on this trip with fellow educators and meeting American and German teachers was so incredibly valuable. This process of relationship building is so exceptional and so needed.”

“It was no ‘fun trip’, it was a great, lasting and important experience in my life.”

“The program has changed my way of thinking, it has changed me.  The need for intercultural cooperation and the exchange of ideas as a fundamental principle of school education were seen as the main result.”

“I judge the Berlin experience to have been of significant importance and an enrichment for my career.”

“It provided professional growth, gave me many new insights, I am proud to have made new friends.”

“I received numerous and very special professional and personal benefits from STEP.”0000-00-00 00.00.00-148

“I believe that your choice of guest lecturers contributed greatly to our improved understanding of the German way of life.  Each speaker seemed to be an expert in his/her topic.”

„Participating in the summer EEP has forever changed my perceptions about Germany, how our countries interact with each other and the world and my professional and personal life. I am more curious and ready to learn.”

Potential participants will be contacted by us or our project partners in the United States.