School Partnerships

Sabine 003The Checkpoint Charlie Foundation is often asked if we can recommend Berlin schools that would be interested in establishing a partnership with an American school. We also get the same question from German schools—if we know of any American schools interested in a  partnership.

Grunewald GS 2015

Berlin’s Grunewald Elementary and Waddell Language Academy, a public elementary school in Charlotte, NC, have had a succesful partnership for many years.

To respond to these inquiries in a more organized way, we have decided to establish a database of schools on both sides of the Atlantic that are  interested in establishing a program with a school from the other country.  We need your help to do this!

If you are interested in such a partnership, please complete this form or download this flyer and return it to us by fax, e-mail (as a scan) or snail mail. We will then include your school in the database, and provide you with a code to access the database on our website. Once enough American schools have registered, you will then be able to use the database to find a potential  partner school, which you can then contact directly.

It is our hope that, in this way, we will be able to generate some new initiatives for further German-American exchange and understanding.

We strongly encourage American schools to contact us! The demand for American schools is very high: we currently have a ratio of three German schools for every two American schools.

The list of interested Berlin schools is available here. Password required.

The list of interested American schools (in German) is available here. Password required.

To view the lists, feel free to send us an email at

The German American Partnership Program (GAPP)

American schools with German partner schools can apply for grants to help fund student exchanges to Germany from the German American Partnership Program (GAPP). GAPP is the largest student exchange program between Germany and the US: Every year, almost 9000 German and American students visit GAPP partner schools in both countries.

The program is intended for German schools that teach English and US schools that offer German. Both partner schools must confirm their partnership with GAPP for the US school to be eligible for GAPP funding. For more information visit: