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Ballona Waachnga Project

The Ballona Waachnga Project at Floating University, supported by the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, consisted of two pieces, created by Halina Kliem and David Horvitz, two LA-based artists.

Halina Kliem explored the connections between the Ballona Wetlands in Los Angeles and Floating University a “Natureculture learning site,” in Berlin. Her installation included two outdoor screens that displayed images of wildflower lifecycles, spider webs, pollinating bees, and growth phases of reef. The close-ups provided an intimate look at the natural life in the wetlands.

David Horvitz’s performance included human voices mimicking the sounds of Ballona creek meandering towards the Pacific Ocean. “A Language Unknown” was thus the transcription of the sounds into the English alphabet. Playing them in Berlin connected the LA wetlands and the Berlin wetlands in a unique way.

The interdisciplinary artists and their art-pieces brought impulses to Berlin that stimulated a broad array of senses while calling attention to the importance of climate care and awareness.

Checkpoint Charlie Foundation is happy to have supported the artists in this project.

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