Funding guidelines

§ 1 Aims and Principles

  1. The foundation supports projects that promote and strengthen German-American relations. The role which the United States of America played in Berlin from 1945 to 1994 will be given special attention. The foundation develops its own projects and accepts grant applications from other organizations.
  2. The following guidelines are binding for both the applicant and the Foundation.

§ 2 Rules for Awarding Grants

  1. Only activities of non-governmental organizations will be subsidized. Support of activities by individuals requires a special justification.
  2. Support will concentrate on conferences, discussions, general exchanges between citizens of both countries and publications that promote German-American relations.
  3. Subsidized activities may not serve commercial interests or purposes.

§ 3 Grant Application

  1. An application must contain detailed information regarding the project. Applications must be submitted at least three months prior to the start of the project. In submitting your application, please include
    1. a description of the purpose and specific time frame of the project
    2. information about the participants, speakers and others involved
    3. a financial plan which shows all anticipated revenues and expenditures as well as the amount of the requested subsidy
    4. a signed declaration by the applicant confirming that these guidelines are accepted and binding.
  2. Applications should be submitted by E-Mail to this adress.
    1. The entire application as described in §3 Para. 1 above, including all attachments, should be submitted in .PDF or .Doc format.
    2. The signed declaration under §3 Para. 1 No. 4 above (the signature page of the application) must be faxed with a cover sheet or mailed to the foundation.
  3. Applications may also be submitted in printed form by post. When submitting your application in printed form,
    1. please be sure to enclose nine copies for review
    2. use staples rather than paper clips to attach application pages together
    3. do not enclose applications in folders, covers or protective sleeves
    4. it is not necessary to submit more than one copy of special documentation such as photographs, newspaper articles, brochures and compact disks

§ 4 Grant Approval

  1. Applications will be preferred that include home stays, that make it possible for Germans and Americans to establish direct contact and that are bilateral.
  2. All information about positive or negative decisions about grant requests must be communicated in writing to be valid.
  3. No applicant is automatically entitled to receive a grant. This also applies if similar proposals have received financial support in the past or if other applicants receive grants for a similar projects. The board of the foundation is free to decide which projects receive support according to the foundation’s by-laws and the funds available.

§ 5 Documentation of Project Budget

  1. Upon completion of the subsidized activity or project, a financial report must be submitted to the Foundation.
  2. This record must include:
    • a detailed list of all revenues and expenditures, including deviations from the financial plan submitted with the application
    • a summary of the activity including the number of participants
    • a statement saying that the funds were spent sparingly.
  3. Funds not spent must be repaid to the account of the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation immediately.

Latest update: 11/2018