Endowment Contributions

You may want to consider making a contribution to the endowment of the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation because you find the work of the foundation important, or because think that specific German-American projects managed by the foundation are particularly worthwhile. If you would like to support the Foundation as a whole, rather than supporting a specific project, then you can do so by adding to the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation’s endowment in the form of an endowment contribution. Such a contribution will remain completely intact as part of the foundation’s endowment. Only the interest generated by this money can be used by the foundation to pursue the foundation’s goal of fostering German-American relations. The principle itself is not touched.

Other donations to the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, regardless of their amount, will only be used to fund the foundation’s upcoming projects and will not be incorporated into the foundation’s endowment.

Even small donations and endowment contributions help the Foundation immensely in supporting German-American relations in the city of Berlin. Please contact us any time if you have questions or would like us to recommend an attorney in your area.

Our Donation Account

Please note the words “endowment contribution” when making your donation to:

Checkpoint Charlie Foundation
„Endowment Contribution“
Berliner Volksbank
BLZ 100 900 00
Account Number 884 805 1005

IBAN-Nummer: DE 90 1009 0000 8848 0510 05

If you are in the United States, please contact us about the most cost-effective way to send us your endowment contribution.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in making a larger donation or have questions, we would be glad to speak with you. Please contact us to make an appointment.