How you can help

Upon its creation in 1994, the State of Berlin granted the foundation an endowment. The activities of the foundation may only be financed through proceeds from the endowment and project donations.

You can help the foundation by making a donation to it, either to increase its endowment, or to fund a specific project.

Endowment contributions are very welcome. To ensure that large donations to the endowment are not used to unduly influence the foundation, they must be approved by the foundation’s supervisory board.

Donations can be transferred at any time to the foundation’s bank account using a wire transfer (recommended for people with a bank account in the EU):

Checkpoint Charlie Foundation
Berliner Volksbank
BLZ 100 900 00
Account Number 884 805 1005

IBAN Number: DE 90 1009 0000 8848 0510 05

You can also make a donation via Paypal (recommended for people without a bank account in the EU):

Donate via Paypal

Contributions to the foundation are tax deductible in Germany. For more information, see the German version of this page. Unfortunately, since the foundation is not incorporated in the USA,  contributions are not deductible from US income tax at this time.

Even small donations and endowment contributions help the foundation immensely in supporting German-American relations in the city of Berlin. Please contact us any time if you have questions or would like us to recommend an attorney in your area.

The Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, with its promotion of tolerance in the areas of culture and international understanding, is exempt from federal income tax. Exemption is granted by notice from the tax office according to the federal income tax law, corporate body I, tax number 27/605/50291, from June 17, 2002 for the years 1999-2001, §5 para.1 Nr. 9.

Allowances, in terms of §10 b of the income tax law concerning §5 para.1 Nr. 9 of the federal income tax law, is designated to corporate bodies, associations of individuals, or estates that promote international understanding in terms of the attachment 1 to §48 para. 2 of the income tax implementation regulations, para. A Nr. 10.