Projects and Programs

The foundation organizes its own ongoing programs and stand-alone projects that further the cause of German-American relations, in addition to funding projects by outside organizations.

For example, the foundation is responsible for all non-governmental contacts between Berlin and its sister city Los Angeles, including:

  • Bilateral programs for history and ethics educators
  • Bilateral programs in the fields of criminal justice, sociology, urbanization, and other professional groups.
US teachers meet with Anja Schillhaneck, Vice President of the Berlin House of Representatives

The Hon. Anja Schillhaneck, Deputy Chair CCS and former Deputy Speaker of the Berlin House of Representatives (right) welcomes US-teachers.

It coordinates the largest teacher exchange program between Germany and the United States, the School Teacher Exchange Program (STEP), which:

  • is organized with partners in various US States and the German labor office (Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung)
  • organizes the Educational Enrichment Program for multipliers in American education
  • offers German high school teachers of English the opportunity to participate in the Experience America program.

The foundation also strives to constantly respond to ongoing developments in German-American relations by developing new and innovative programs that address upcoming issues.


A group of Los Angeles probation officers visited Berlin in 2018 and met with German colleagues.

When organizing exchange projects, the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation complies with the October 1, 2008 resolution of its executive board on non-discrimination.