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November 16th and 18th, 2022 – International Online-Conference: “Cyber Attack digital Art and Activism”

Can digital and hybrid presentation revolutionize the future of art?

Over the past decade, technological innovations have regularly expanded aesthetics and modes of representation in art, communication, and discourse worldwide. The conference showed how and under what conditions artists* are using technological innovation to build strong, resilient narratives and find responses to advancing economic, climatic, and political crises. “Cyber Attack: Digital Art and Activism” brought together artists, curators, scholars, and producers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the United States to share their approaches to new art production, existing power structures, and new creative responses to pressing issues of our time.

The event was held in English with German, Ukrainian and Russian summaries and in international sign language.

Program: https://cyberattack.nordwind-festival.de/program/?lang=en

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