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Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung added 7 new photos.Montag, November 26th, 2018 at 4:00pm
Day 4 of the 2018 Welcome Home program included two more highlights for the Berlin US military veterans. They visited some local schools before taking a lengthy tour of the Tempelhof Airport facilities, climbing up the stairs onto the roof before going down deep into the basement of the colossal building complex; three of this year's tour members were stationed at Tempelhof while serving in Berlin.

In the morning, the group split up into small groups of three, each assisted by a staff member of the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, and went to the three following schools: the Berlin Kolleg in Moabit, the John F. Kennedy School in Zehlendorf, and the Wilma-Rudolf-Oberschule in Dahlem, not too far away from Clayallee. At the schools, the individual groups met with up to two classes of students to give a short presentation on their stint in Berlin while serving and answer any questions about that time.

While such visits primarily serve the purpose of educating the young Berliners about their city’s post-WWII history and the US military forces’ role in it, they also provide an opportunity for the Berlin US military vets to reflect on their experiences here. Most talked about the ways their time in Berlin has defined their career or personal life choices, and how they enjoyed living in this city as a young adult. Here are some of the remarks by the 2018 WH tour participants:

“This city will always have a special place in my heart. I have many happy memories here.”

“The most important thing was to witness the changes from the reunification. It was a joyful experience to realize that we made a difference.”

“The opportunity to speak with the students about my experiences serving in Berlin as a soldier was fantastic. […] This was the single experience that meant the most.”

“I took for granted the job I did [while stationed in Berlin] and didn’t think that I really contributed anything until I actually saw a united Germany. I made me proud and I’m really happy for the German people.”

All photos by CCF staff unless otherwise noted.
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint  Charlie Stiftung
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint Charlie StiftungMittwoch, November 21st, 2018 at 5:15pm
A Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to all of our US friends, partners, and program participants from all of us here at the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation in Berlin!

Photo source: www.thanksgiving-traditions.com
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint  Charlie Stiftung
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation / Checkpoint Charlie StiftungMontag, November 19th, 2018 at 2:26pm
Haben Sie ein Projekt im Bereich Bildung und/oder Kultur, bei dessen Durchführung Sie Unterstützung brauchen? Die Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung fördert bilaterale Projekte zwischen dem Land Berlin und den USA. Die Stiftung nimmt dazu ganzjährig Projektanträge entgegen, sofern diese dem Stiftungszweck und den Förderrichtlinien entsprechen. Über eine Förderung entscheidet der Vorstand der Stiftung; die nächste Vorstandssitzung findet im Dezember 2018 statt. Die Frist für die Einreichung von Projektanträgen ist der 23. November 2018. Hier finden Sie mehr Info: http://www.cc-stiftung.de/index.php/projektfoerderung/

The Checkpoint Charlie Foundation provides financial, intellectual and/or logistical support to bilateral exchange and engagement projects between Berlin and the United States of America. While the CCF has several projects it organizes and supports financially, we also accept grant applications from other organizations and groups. Next deadline to submit a grant application to CCF is Friday, November 23, 2018! Check out more information on our project grants here: http://www.cc-stiftung.de/index.php/project-grants-2/